1: The TEAM at the Mille Miglia 2017, the picture gallery from our talented photographer Willem Verstraten

29/05/2017 – The Mille Miglia is upon us, one of the most important automotive events of the year. Similar to 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, the Houtkamp Collection TEAM attended this 2017 momentous rally. This year with 14 cars and four superb Mille Miglia Veteran cars were part of the team. Our Lagonda M45 Rapide, the Cisitalia 202D, the Giannini Fiat 750 Sport, the DB Citroen Spider. Our 2017 Mille Miglia Rally, has been documented this time with this beautiful following picture gallery from our talented photographer Willem Verstraten that highlights the incredible warmth experienced by the field of entrants from the Italian fans.

2: Just before the Mille Miglia 2017, during a training day of the Houtkamp Collection TEAM

10/05/2017 – Two weeks before the event we went for a training day to try out the actual cars we were using in the race, and several laps of the training circuit convinced us that we had some truly magnificent sports car under us. Our training days, open to all our customers and rally friends, it prove to be very useful in helping to avoid the disappointment of racking up unwanted penalities on the first day of the rally. To get better acquainted with the most effective techniques or perfect the driving and navigation reflexes in preparation for the tricky regularity rally, allying meter, chronometer and road-book.  

3: Gran Premio Nuvolari 2016, a fresh triumph of the Houtkamp Collection Team

20/09/2016 – The 26th edition of the Gran Premio Nuvolari, the famous regularity race for classic cars, ended last 18Th of September, in Mantua, with the victory of the Vesco – Guerini crew and also saw a fresh triumph of the Houtkamp Collection team. This was a particularly memorable edition for the team, in which John Houtkamp driving with Chelly Houtkamp placed an impressive 12 position out of a total of 312 competitors. With fourteen cars supported by two service cars, the Houtkamp Collection team has confirmed its talent by finishing second place between the foreign teams.  

4: Mille Miglia 2016, we achieved the 18th position overall

30/05/2016 – The 2016 Mille Miglia was held between 19-22 May on the secondary roads of Italy, running from Brescia to Rome and then back again. The 34th retrospective edition saw a field of 440 automobiles which had to cover approximately 1,000 miles over the Italian roads. We took part in this year event in a fantastic Lagonda M45 Rapide Works, a very unique example that was also subscribed for the 1935 Mille Miglia. 

5: Gran Premio Nuvolari 2015, the Team was also awarded a team trophy. Congratulations to all of the riders!

21/09/2015 – A special feature of this edition was the “coast-to-coast” route, because the way reached some places close to the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. Furthermore, this year 330 crew joined the event and 50 upscale car companies as Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari, Porsche, only to name a few. Our Aston Martin Speed Model together with 17 cars of the Houtkamp Collection Team made its way to the starting grid of this amazing event. The most important race of this field after the Mille Miglia race.

6: Mille Miglia 2014, for the 4Th time with our Original Mille Miglia Jaguar Works

20/05/2014 – The Houtkamp Collection Team participated for the 6Th time in the edition of the Mille Miglia. In this edition, a record 475 cars took part, and we were fortunate to be with them. The finest cars in Italy in early summer – what could be better? Last year, our team consisted of six meticulously prepared cars. Our Original Mille Miglia Jaguar XK 140 OTS Works for the 4Th time once again made its way to the starting grid of this amazing event.

20/05/2013 – Top Speed TV made this beautiful documentary about the 2013 Mille Miglia. The Houtkamp Collection Team participated for the 5Th time in the 2013 edition with four cars. Our positions in the final scoreboard was 20Th. It was all over so quickly, and so often we had wanted to stop and explore the towns we were rushing through. But the intensity stays with you, the rush of seeing 147 towns in 48 hours. Once the tiredness had lifted, we agreed that we could happily do it all over again.