Aston-martin-db-5-aqcuisition-houtkampWhen you consider finding a new owner for your own classic or sportscar or even a complete car collection finding out the best way to do so can be difficult. There are numerous ways of selling through private and auction sales. We are able to give expert advice on the way to present your car in your best interest.

Over the years we have acquired a broad network of car enthusiasts, collectors and dealers in the Netherlands and throughout Europe . We help our collectors make the best decision during the entire process in order to obtain the best terms for selling their car. On request we execute the whole proces for our client.
We operate in a discreet manner and during a transaction we represent one party only, keeping the collectors best interest in mind. We pride ourselves in longstanding relations with collectors who feel they have acquired an outstanding result which they may not have achieved without our involvement.

We welcome you to contact us if you would like to know more about how we can help you find that new owner for your special car. Contact Rutger Houtkamp by phone 00-31 (0)6 – 250 98 150 or email